Carla Terwilleger, also known in the art world as "Twiggy," always knew she wanted to be an artist when she grew up. Fascinated by design, she majored in advertising and graphic design, but when she sold her first painting in 1999, her career path took a bit of a turn. She started to focus on what she knew best: transforming Friday nights into masterpieces. Years later, this artista proves there doesn’t have to be such a thing as a “starving artist”. Today, Twiggy has sold over close to 1000 original paintings, has had multiple large commissions and over 20 shows/exhibits, is working on creating a t-shirt line and has had numerous write-ups in publications nationwide including both American Salon and American Spa magazines and most recently a feature in The Courier Journal.

While Twiggy paints a bevy of things, she is best known for her voluptuous femme fatales. With an eye for fashion and a mild obsession with glossy magazines, Twiggy claims women are the most fun to paint; dressing them in high couture, giving them fabulous hair styles and accentuating their best assets. Twiggy's girls never wait for a drink, don't need a date to celebrate and can get just about anything they want. Most of all, Twiggy’s girls emulate her own way of life: living out loud! Twiggy recently returned to Louisville, Kentucky from two years in Los Angeles where she sunbathed, painted and discovered how much she likes to dance. She can usually be found either painting in her studio with her kittens, Coco Chanel and Vera Wang, or on the town with a vodka martini, extra chilled, in hand.


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