2009 has already proven to be a very busy year. Twiggy has been busy with three Gallopalooza horses and is currently working on a t-shirt line. Join the mailing list and be the first to find out about all the exciting happs in the world of Twiggy!

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Twiggy in American Spa Magazine — October 2007
Twiggy in American Salon — July 2006

Upcoming shows

There are no scheduled shows for 2009 just yet. Join Twiggy’s mailing list to receive the latest updates.

past shows

Riverbend Winery
Louisville, KY
October 2008

Austin, TX
June 2008

Jennica's Wine Bar/Regalo on Market
Louisville, KY
December 2007

Felice Winery
Louisville, KY
November 2007

The Artists’ Web/Pla Pla Boutique
Santa Monica, CA
January-April 2007

The Hive
San Pedro, CA
May 2007

South Hill Gallery
Lexington, Kentucky
June 2007

Hermosa Beach Art Walk
Hermosa Beach, CA
June 2007

Smokey Hollow
Hermosa Beach, CA
April 2006

Trader Joe's
Manhattan Beach, CA
June 2006

(group show)
Venice, CA
September 2006