Whatever happened to the femme fatale?
Thanks to artist Carla Terwilleger, a.k.a Twiggy,
she’s alive, well and celebrating life
with a super delish glass of champs in hand.
Behold the femme fatale and all her gorgeous guises in Twiggy’s collection.

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A Twiggy just wants to have outrageous fun!
Twiggy’s paintings emulate her own personal style—feminine, unapologetically sexy and, above all, fun.

Shop to see what’s available or contact Twiggy to create your very own.

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A gift that will make them drop their bouquets!
When your besties say “I do” to being a bridesmaid, they are making a major commitment. For your wedding day alone, they’re faced with wearing uncomfortable shoes, holding your dress while you use the loo and maybe even dancing with your awkward uncle. So, for the love of good taste, forgo the predictable set of pearl earrings and surprise your girls with their own Twiggy Original, painted in their likeness. It’s the chic and artful way to show your appreciation!

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Tired of the regular old ho-hum nursery designs? Buy yourself and your new, hip babe the ultimate plush present – a Twiggy for the nursery. From owls to tweets and flowers to critters under the sea, Twiggy can create a custom piece that will be the envy of every baby who comes for a playdate.