An artist who lights up the room with her exuberant paintings and personality, Carla Terwilleger, better known as “Twiggy”, has knocked the smocks off the art world by bringing to life her own colorful versions of the femme fatales. Born from doodles on cocktail napkins, Twiggy’s femme fatales command attention – and fascination – with their stunning beauty, sultry curves and haute sense of style. Battling a coquettish eye and brandishing a chilled martini glass, each one exudes irresistible glamour.

Twiggy’s femme fatales, along with a couple dapper gents, birds and other colorful subjects, have been featured in more than 40 exhibits and several major publications, most recently ESPN.COM.

After two cross-country moves, Twiggy is currently settled in her favorite city in the world, Louisville, Kentucky. She can usually be found either painting in her studio with her kittens, Coco Chanel and Vera Wang, or out on the town with her always-captivating and inspirational cadre of friends and ever-so-handsome beau.