Unique Wedding Ideas | The Alternative to the Guest Book II

In today’s world, a wedding is not only the joining of two people in matrimony and love, it’s a production! Having been a bride, I get it. You scour the interwebs to find the most unique way to stand out and have your guests proclaiming, “Wow, I’ve never seen that before!”

Oftentimes, finding something that is ultra-unique is ultra-tough. Let me help!

You already know that Twiggy Bridal offers the most unique, custom bridesmaid gifts. You can even order a custom portrait of the Bride + Groom decked out in their wedding attire to showcase at the reception, but did you know that Twiggy now offers the most unique alternative to the traditional guest book?

Check out these awesome alternatives to a Wedding Guest Book and contact Twiggy to order yours today!

Zehner Wedding
Colors: Sage and Blush Pink
Wedding Date: 5.19.17

Davis Wedding
Colors: Spa Blue and Coral
Wedding Date: 7.29.17

May Wedding
Colors: Purple, Black and White
Wedding Date: 6.10.17

Jones Wedding

Colors: Green and Pink
Wedding Date: 5.27.17

Birrilla’s Wedding
Colors: Gold and Black
Wedding Date: 5.6.17

Katie’s Wedding
Colors: Pink and Blue
Wedding Date: 4.24.17

Jaime and Maryah’s Wedding
Colors: Navy, green and white
Wedding Date: 6.30.17

Twiggy Bridal Guest Books are even better when everyone has written special notes!

My handsome groom wore an off-white tux jacket which made it easy for people to write in black, however, if your groom wears a darker color, I would recommend using silver or gold pens.

Our painting is currently in our kitchen so, every morning as I wait for the coffee to brew, I get to read all of the sweet notes people wrote. It’s such a fun reminder of our very special day.


Custom Twiggy Bridal Guest Books can be ordered in the following sizes:
24×36: $325*
30×40: $500*
*does not include shipping and/or tax




xo, twiggy
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